Garlic Grades

Seed Grade: THE BEST OF THE BEST OF OUR GARLIC HARVEST!!!  We sell our largest bulbs with the largest cloves for seed garlic — remember, these little guys are clones of themselves so the bigger the cloves you plant, the bigger the bulb you will grow.  If you are a chef or a kitchen goddess looking for BIG cloves to cook with or ferment, our seed garlic is also a culinary garlic and will be a dream to work with in the kitchen.  These are big, beautiful, hassle free cloves that peel easily and are beautiful roasted whole.  These garlic bulbs are 2-inches in diameter or larger (most are serious whoppers).

Culinary Grade:  Same great garlic, same great flavors!  These are not seconds, these are simply bulbs that measure under 2-inches in diameter.