Garlic Varieties We Grow

Hardneck Varieties

Chesnok Red (Shvelisi’)

Exceptionally beautiful, purple striped, large garlic - a real looker! Chesnok Red originates from the  village of Shvelisi’ in the Republic of Georgia.  This variety is considered one of the best baking/roasting garlics by gourmet chefs worldwide and is cherished for its sweet flavor when roasted.  Chesnok Red is highly productive and capable of producing very large bulbs with 5 -7  bulbs per pound and 8-12 medium/large cloves per bulb.  These cloves become increasingly easier to peel as the bulbs age.

Storage life:  up to 6 months

Preferred climate: grows best in northern/cooler climates.

Yield: 50-60 cloves per pound



When it comes to exceptionally large, easy to work with cloves, the porcelain garlic group karate kicks all rivals.  This top notch porcelain garlic produces 4-6 very large, rose-buff colored cloves per bulb - these cloves are a dream to work with (a huge time saver when making large quantities of elk sausage).  Music garlic is medium hot, with a true garlic flavor.   

Music has very high levels of allicin, the sulfur-containing compound that provides the antioxidant and antibacterial properties associated with garlic.  If you eat garlic strictly for wellness purposes this is the variety for you, especially if you consume it raw!

Plants are dark green, strong, and robust.  Music grows very well in cold climates.   Music has an exceptional shelf life, for a hardneck, storing up to 9 months.

Storage life: up to 9 months

Preferred climate: grows best in northern/ cooler climates.

Yield: 35-45 cloves per pound

Softneck Varieties

Inchelium Red


This large bulbed softneck has won multiple taste test awards including top honors at the Rodale Kitchens Taste test!  Flavor!  KAPOW!  Inchelium Red has a mild heat with a slight lingering tingle on the tongue making it a lovely baking or raw garlic.  Bulbs can be over 3 inches in diameter producing 4-5 layers of cloves with a total of 8-20 cloves in a head.  Outer layers produce large, easy to peel cloves and cloves decrease in size towards the center of the head.  Inchelium Red braids well for hanging in kitchens which is a traditionally beautiful way to store and display your garlic.  Large bulbs, mild flavor, and long shelf life make this one of the most popular soft neck varieties in the world.

Inchelium Red’s allicin levels (the sulfur compound most associated with garlic’s health benefits) are lower than many other garlic varieties which is a major factor in its mildness.  

Storage life: up to 1 year

Preferred climate: grows well in southern climates as well as warmer northern climates.

Yield: 70-80 cloves per pound

Early Italian

This garlic variety hails from Italy, boasts a sweet yet mild flavor profile and produces medium and large bulbs that fill out a garlic braid nicely.  Italian is a long time favorite of gardeners and chefs due to its mild but true garlic flavor.  These heads yield large outer cloves which are easy to peel and once peeled reveal cloves with a lavender tint.  This is another super variety for braiding and displaying in the kitchen.  Italian tends to harvest earlier than other varieties if you are growing garlic and are  interested in a staggered harvest.

Storage life: up to 1 year

Preferred climate: grows well in southern climates as well as warmer northern climates.

Yield: 70-80 cloves per pound.   

Nootka Rose

Nootka Rose originates from Waldron Island, Washington, USA.  This garlic produces distinct cloves which feature streaks of red with solid red clove tips, 15-20 cloves per bulb.  Nootka bulbs are medium sized and braid very well.  This variety, like most Silverskin varieties, has an aggressive garlic flavor and a lot of heat.  This is our first year growing this variety and we are still getting to know it - let us know what you think of it!

Storage life: Nootka Rose stores exceptionally well and can keep for over 1 year.  

Preferred climate: grows well in southern climates as well as warmer northern climates.

Yield: 70-80 cloves per pound