Russian Red ~ Seed Grade Garlic ~ Hardneck

Russian Red ~ Seed Grade Garlic ~ Hardneck

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Russian Red

Russian Red is a Marbled Purple Stripe known for its outstanding flavor and colorful bulb wrappers. It is a hardy garlic that produces year after year and an outstanding all-around garlic with a mild heat that is not overpowering. 

Large bulbs with 6-8 large cloves are a dream to work with. Russian Red has tighter wrappers than many hardneck varieties and, as a result, stores very well! A beautiful, large, easy to work with hardneck with the flavor that is expected out of a hard-neck variety. 

Russian Red garlic was tested and brought legally into the Idaho quarantine area by Sundries Farm in 2022.

Inventory is very limited. Order early!  

Seed Grade: Bulbs over 2 inches

Shelf Life: Up to 6 months from harvest, so use by the end of December.

Preferred Climate: Grows best in cooler northern climates.

Yield: 5-7 bulbs per pound, 50-60 cloves per pound

More images are coming after the Sundries Farm 2023 harvest!